Insurance: We value items, collections and residential contents for clients seeking to obtain insurance coverage. Since all clients and policies are different, part of our service is to tailor a program to suit the needs and requirements of the individual. We provide complete or partial inventories in a variety of formats, from Museum quality cataloguing to basic schedules, to suit any budget. All documents are designed to meet and exceed insurance industry standards. Digital photography and/or videotape are included. We also provide damage and loss appraisals after the fact, to substantiate any claim.

Trusts and Estates: We perform appraisals for trust and estate planning, 706 filings and other probate reporting as well as equitable distribution amongst heirs. Documents are designed to meet or exceed IRS requirements and to withstand review by the art advisory panel, by crafting reports replete with digital images, artnet comparables and narratives wherever or whenever it is deemed appropriate.

Charitable Donations: We provide donation appraisals for tax purposes and sign 8283 forms to substantiate the fair market value of your property. Reporting follows that for trusts and estates (see above).

Family Law: We provide appraisals for equitable distribution in marital dissolution cases so that spouses can fairly divide property or trade other cash equity assets in exchange for that property for divorce settlement purposes.

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