We regularly act as agent and broker in helping fiduciaries, estates and individuals realize the best and highest result for sales of fine art, antiques and other personal property. Rather than rely on one method only, such as auction, premise or estate sales, internet sales, consignments or private treaty sales, we employ any or all of these outlets and tailor a program to suit your particular needs.

We work closely with auctioneers, dealers, museums, collectors and others to carefully parcel the elements of an estate or collection for maximum efficiency and exposure. Since no one market, method or locale is ideal for every item, we package and place items or groups of items in the correct marketplace by the correct method in as economically sound a manner as possible.

No auctioneer is likely the ideal one for all the contents of an estate or collection. There are bound to be items at the low end or the high end or in specialty categories that belong at a different auction venue, or should be marketed by another method of sale entirely. When auction is the right choice, however, we negotiate the terms and conditions of your contract at preferred rates whenever possible, as well as to address issues such as reserves, buy-back clauses and ancillary fees for shipping, cataloguing, advertising, insurance, etc. to your advantage.

Often individual collectors are willing to pay a premium for highly sought after items, but are not often willing to buy in bulk. Estate buyers who buy in bulk may cost average but take everything, eliminating the overhead otherwise incurred by other methods. We weigh the pros and cons of all such offers to make sense out of the process and to help sellers make the right decision for them.

Technology has changed the art and antiques business immensely. With the advent of the internet, express mail and shipping, digital photography, email and the ever shrinking global community, newer and more efficient ways of marketing art objects have arisen. If your situation calls for a more innovative approach, we employ any such method that might produce the desired result in a more creative way. We like to think that we are taking an 18th century business into the 21st century, one of the many reasons we call our service "State of the Art".

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